If you could realise every last bit of your organisation’s potential, where could it take you?

At Eisele Consulting we strive on making it easier for people to do great things.

 Like the world, business constantly changes and evolves – we get excited by the potential of people and change.

Here are just some of the exciting stuff we do for individuals and organisations:

Healthy Conflict Resolution

We have over 95% success in resolving complex mediation, including board-level disputes team mediation

How we can help you create an organisational culture of healthy conflict resolution:

  • Design and implement your resolution policy and framework along side your values and behaviours
  • Develop your leadership expertise and confidence in managing conflict
  • Internal mediation schemes – including the set-up, mediation training and implementation
  • Resolution Advisor frameworks that help address bullying and harassment
  • Coaching and mentoring frameworks, including Conflict Coaching
  • Investigation training that is robust and effective
  • The National Accreditation in Workplace Mediation Training – Open Course and In-house Accreditation

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Our Learning Suite includes

  • Six-day National Accreditation In Workplace Mediation (NAWM)
  • Confident conversations
  • Core Mediation Skills for HR Professionals
  • Resolution skills for clinicians
  • Influencing & persuasion with impact
  • Effective Communication and Assertiveness
  • Conflict Management For Leaders
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Conflict Coaching for leaders and HR
  • Inclusive Leadership

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We elicit impactful and sustainable change for individuals, teams and organisations by helping them to identify, set and work towards goals and find solutions.

Our authentic and creative approach fosters trusted partnerships with our clients, giving them the time and space to explore what they would like to achieve, both for themselves and for their organisation.

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Our Core Services

  • Executive and leadership coaching
  • Behaviour change
  • Personal development coaching
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Career coaching


At Eisele Consulting we work to improve organisational effectiveness. We do this by shifting thinking and changing behaviour. From our experience, we believe that:

  • You can’t tell someone what to think or how to feel. They must have a different experience to think and feel differently
  • People thrive when they can be their authentic selves
  • Inclusion is at the core of what we know works
  • It’s important to get beneath the skin of an organisations culture, systems and leadership

We partner with you to create strategies that will ensure peoples experience is an inclusive one, so that individuals and teams can do their best work.

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